TouchWood Crafts was established by ex-theatre set builder Charles Ash in his rural Oxfordshire workshop.

Traditional green wood carving and courses in Oxfordshire

With a passion for history, and a background in the creative arts, Charles uses his woodcrafting skills to make furniture, gifts and household items. TouchWood Crafts creates stylish and bespoke artisan products for the contemporary home, with a nod the rich tradition of green word working. Very much looking back to move forward.

Charles’s materials are sourced locally from sustainable woodland. All TouchWood Crafts wood products are worked green (straight from the tree) and made using no power tools – handmade in the truest sense of the term.

Each piece of wood is a special and unique piece of design in its own right. By letting nature have its say, every TouchWood Crafts product becomes a centre piece and a talking point for the home.

Charles started out whittling spoons and whistles whilst walking his dog, and is now to making bespoke furniture for weddings and homes. He showcases his love for green wood working through his work. With TouchWood Crafts, he now invites you to do the same, on courses and workshops in his Oxfordshire home where you can learn the skills to make your own beautiful wooden products, as well as the history of woodcraft.