-Charles Ash-

Contemporary carved from tradition 

Touchwood Crafts was created by Charles Ash after many years of working as a set builder for theatrical productions. It was during his time working at Shakespeare’s Globe in London where he discovered a lot of the traditional methods of wood working which had been used to build the theatre itself. At a point where Charles was conscious of the ecological footprint of the short working life the theatre sets had, and a desire to live more simply himself, he moved into furniture and learnt the old ways of not only the making, prominently by hand,  but the skills in selecting timber from native coppiced woods. 

Charles is now producing furniture for clients around the world for both domestic and commercial use, plus sharing his wealth of knowledge through his teaching, lectures and demonstrations. Charles’ main aim is to produce stylish contemporary furniture whilst making the process as ecologically sound as possible. 

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Touchwood Crafts, Ashbury, Oxfordshire

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